Darkside Detail 3.0


Stage 2.0 is for vehicles that are messier and not very well maintained.



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  • -Touchless dirt removal and a full pre-rinse
  • -Complete Spray using an exterior spray-foam wash
  • -Hand wash to remove dust, dirt and stuck on grime
  • -Rims, tires, cleaned and dressed.
  • -Window cleaning on the exterior
  • -Bug removal on a minor scale
  • Hand-drying the vehicle
  • -Dry vehicle by hand
  • -Intensive detailing of the dash vinyl, plastic and wood to remove dust, dirt and grime
  • -Vacuum carpets, seats, mats and trunk
  • -Interior window cleaning
  • -Interior Wipe down with non ammonia cleaner on all surfaces
  • -Clean headliner and visors
  • -Shampoo carpets & seats
  • -Shampoo Mats
  • -Complete Shine on Plastics, Trims, Leather
  • -Steam cleaning for deeply embedded stains in seats & disinfection of vents

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Sedans, Suv/Truck, Minivan/Large Vehicle


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